Family Legal Expenses

Family Legal Expenses provides policyholders (and all who reside in the same address) peace of mind knowing that in the event they have to take legal action, they are not burdened with the costs of legal representation. This policy will cover the policyholder for legal costs up to a maximum of £75,000. (£25,000 limit for Employment Disputes), (£5,000 limit for Rehabilitation Costs), (£5,000 limit for Education) and (£1,000 limit for Jury Service). Employment Disputes and Property Protection are subject to a £250 excess. There are 10 levels of cover the policyholder has access to and there is no restriction on the number of claims a policyholder can make.

Our Comprehensive policy includes;

Personal Injury:

Legal assistance in respect of death or bodily injury sustained by you.

Employment Disputes:

Legal rights for a claim that would be dealt with by a employment tribunal.

Covers unfair dismissal, redundancy or unlawful discrimination.

Criminal Prosecution Defence:

We will pay the professional fees incurred in the successful defence of you.

Tax Protection:

Will negotiate and represent you in a full tax enquiry by Inland Revenue into your personal tax affairs.

Jury Service:

Cover for salary or wages lost at work whilst attending jury service.

Contract Disputes:

Negotiation of your rights in disputes arising from an alleged agreement including buying or hiring of any goods or services or the selling of any goods or services or buying or selling your principle home.

Property Protection:

Civil actions relating to material property (your principal home) which causes or could cause physical damage to the property or concerns nuisance or trespass including boundary disputes.

Education (Admission Appeal):

Provides assistance to appeal against your decision of your local education authority where your child who is living with you does not get a place in one of your nominated schools.


Represent you in a claim relating to a family will.

Free Legal Advice Line:

Free legal advice for personal legal matters which are covered under this policy.

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Home Emergency Cover

Our Home Emergency product provides the policyholder peace of mind that in the event that there is an immediate risk to their property, they have access to a 24/7, 365-day emergency helpline. There are 11 levels of cover included e.g. Home Security and Pest Control. Our Home Emergency product covers up to £500 per claim and has a maximum of 3 claims per policy year. Excess is subject to requirements.

  • Failure of, or damage to, the electricity supply.
  • Failure of, or damage to, the plumbing and drainage system, including the toilet(s) which causes internal water leakage; flooding; or water damage.
  • Complete failure of the primary heating system.
  • Leakage, collapse, or blockage of the mains water supply between the stopcock in your home and the point where it is connected to the public or shared water supply.
  • Repair or replacement of any damaged section of internal gas supply pipe following a gas leak.
  • Where an emergency renders your home unsafe according to our approved contractor, the cost of alternative accommodation up to £250.
  • Removal or extermination of hornets; wasps; rats and mice.
  • Damage to the roof resulting from adverse weather conditions or falling trees or branches.
  • Failure of your main and only toilet which has resulted in water leakage that could lead to damage or which renders the toilet inoperable.
  • Failure of, or damage to, external locks where you are unable to access your home or are unable to secure it.
  • Assistance to stop an emergency which has arisen from damage to the roof of your home.

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Home Excess Protect

Our Home Excess Protection product provides policyholders peace of mind knowing that after they have paid their excess on their Home and/or Contents Insurance they will not be left out of pocket. Home Excess Protection has an aggregate cover limit, so policyholders can claim as many times as they like up to their chosen cover limit.

  • Cover is provided for the Excess that You are responsible for following the successful settlement of any claim for Your home and/or contents under Your Home and/or Contents Insurance Policy.
  • Cover will only operate when the claim amount exceeds the excess of your Home and/or Contents Insurance Policy  and following the successful claim payment.
  • The maximum amount payable under this policy will be the Annual Aggregate Limit as shown in Your Certificate of Insurance. Once the Annual Aggregate Limit is exhausted this policy is automatically cancelled and You are then liable for all and any future Excess payments as defined in Your Home and/or Contents Insurance Policy.