COVID-19 Latest Updates

Our Sales, Claims, Hire and Logistics teams are available and ready to serve you as always.

All of our colleagues are fully enabled to work remotely and have been for many months now.

Our accounts, operations and logistics teams are also available and able to provide service and support

Over the past months, we have learned to work in a different way and are far better prepared now than ever to be able to ensure uninterrupted service to our clients and their drivers.

We are completely driven by the desire to provide the very best customer service at all times and that remains the case even during these challenging times. We operate in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and whilst each area has its own guidelines, we understand them all and will provide the fullest service we can in each territory. Our teams are fully available to answer all your questions about any aspect of how we work with you.

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COVD-19 update

Dear Customers, Suppliers, Partners….and our customers in waiting of course too.

Our Robust Business Continuity Plans

We feel it is sensible to offer an outline our current position with regards business continuity and the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic we are all involved in.

It is important that you know we have tried and tested business continuity plans in place and that we are able to meet the needs of you and your customers as we all move through the inevitable challenges of the next few weeks. Therefore, as an outline to our current position and to provide you comfort regarding our ongoing ability to meet you and your driver’s needs:

1. A large proportion of our employee base already does, or has the ability, to work from home. In the last few days, we have begun rolling out additional hardware, software and other process upgrades to allow almost all of our employee base to also work from home if necessary.

2. We choose our supplier base, in part, on their ability to also provide strong business continuity. Thus, when it comes to ongoing delivery of vehicles, services, facilities and driver support, we have a supply chain that is well placed to be able to offer their own continuity to our customers and drivers.

3. We have initiated enhanced online meeting capabilities so that our team can, where appropriate, continue to hold relevant meetings with our customers.

4. We have taken a number of actions to protect our employees and others they come into contact with. These include hand gels, bacterial wipes and sprays, and we have also introduced stronger working practices in terms of hygiene management for all office areas and workstations.

5. We acknowledge that site visits may need to be restricted or halted completely at some point, to protect our colleagues and customers.

6. All external visitors to our offices may be asked where they have travelled from and the address of the company they represent. If their company or location has been affected, then this will be raised immediately with Senior Management.

7. We have reduced the number of non-essential deliveries to our offices in order to sensibly reduce risk to all employees and visitors.

8. We will continue to operate our business within Government guidelines and to ensure the health and well-being of our staff as a priority. We will continue to monitor all Government communications and we hold regular senior management reviews to ensure we react quickly and appropriately.

It is fair to say that we will all have a period of change and challenge over the next few weeks/months and that none of us really knows what this might mean. What we do know is that we have our plans, processes and people as ready as possible to support you and your drivers through these times.

Our best regards and absolute support, now and always.

Active Claims Solutions Ltd


On Friday 22nd November, our team descended on the Hilton Hotel in Lincoln for the 2019 Annual Christmas Party. This year was equally special, as not only did we reveal the eagerly awaited Employee of the year award, but we were joined by our colleagues from Bournemouth and Congleton.

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